I Thought They’d Carry The Cheesesteak Vote

Hoping to ride their successes that led them to win the National League East in September and the World Series in October, the Philadelphia Phillies came up short in their quest to become President of the United States, yesterday.

Disappointing for sure, but worst of all has to be the overall turnout for the Fightins, which given the 2 million-plus people that turned out for their Broad Street victory parade last week might have suggested that they would garner a few more votes.
Oh wait – it’s this guy.  Move along.

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4 thoughts on “I Thought They’d Carry The Cheesesteak Vote

  1. [this is hilarious] Dang, I'm disappointed…I thought you Philly fans were really that hard core that you'd write in your team for President. I bet Skins fans would do it. :P

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