QotD: Out of the Blue

Tell us how you met your significant other.
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It just so happened that She Who Became My Beloved and I moved to San Diego in early 2001 within a month or two of each other.  We were working for the same biotech company.  Neither of us knew anyone else in San Diego and were kicking around for a weekend in January and decided to go the Auto Show.

Not knowing anything about the town, we took a ridiculously long trolley ride (when we could have easily driven down to the convention center…), but had a pleasant time ambling about looking at the different models.  The one that made the biggest impression was the new (at the time) Ford Thunderbird convertible which had everyone ooohing and ahhing at it’s retro-cool.  Whatever happened to those?  They never really caught on, I guess – I think the $40k+ pricetag kept people away.

We decided that BMW had the LAMEST section in the whole show (they had a couple of cars back in a corner with no interesting displays or anything).

So, of course, flush with new money (it was the first really well-paying job for either of us) and being enamored of being new SoCal residents, what did we each buy?  Yep.

Of course, SWBMB's had to go when she moved to Santa Fe because a rear-wheel drive skateboard wasn’t really a good option in the winter.  Mine had to go after my dermatologist freaked out on me one too many times.  Now we each have respectable (but not NEARLY as fun to drive) sedans.  Sigh.

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16 thoughts on “QotD: Out of the Blue

  1. My wife and I met when we both started working for the same company out of school. However, the most we ever bought together when dating were his and her bottles of wine :-)

  2. And the best part is you can blame THE KIDS if they don't happen to be sitting in the driveway (you know, not practical…) — though come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen the Bananamobile.

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