Performance Anxiety

So, I have a fairly important couple of days of business meetings (yes, it’s always a little odd to mix business and science…) in which I have to give a couple of key presentations.  I’ve given any number of scientific talks, but rarely has more than personal and professional pride been riding on it.
So, I’m a little nervous.  Anyway, so I’ll ask you guys to look into your crystal ball and see how I do during my presentations:

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12 thoughts on “Performance Anxiety

  1. You'll do wonderfully, I'm sure!Now, here's the deal: we only had the choice to choose one answer. While I feel certain your fly will be open at least the majority of the time, I do not feel this will interfere with the audience weeping for joy (oh wait… maybe they were crying from laughter? or relief? all depends on the visibility and print of your undies, I suppose…), so I went ahead with the weeping for joy (since y'know, it seems to trump open fly). But my true prophecy wasn't listed as a choice: nobel prize conjured and awarded to you on the spot.

  2. Well, I don't know how I missed this but I'm wishing you some retroactive good luck! (Although…..if it's retroactive, do I need to wish you good luck?)
    Anyway. :)

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