Apparently, Like Every Town Has One

So, this week the Beloved’s been a somewhat under the weather and so we’re having a very quiet and hopefully recuperative weekend.

One thing though is that having to stay home, the Beloved has torn through the books on her nightstand.  So we figured that the one errand today would be to go out and acquire some news books (I am also approaching the end of a long-ish book that’s taken me a while to get through…).  Also, with a travel-free Thanksgiving on the horizon, we plan to have a lot of reading time that weekend.

After the really good commentary on last Thursday’s BTT post (on buying and keeping books), we drove not to the nearby Barnes and Noble, but in the other direction to our local library.  It was great.  I found a thriller and a couple of mysteries that I think will be interesting and the Beloved came back ready for some reading.

And it didn’t cost us a dime.  Hmmm…. there might be something to this library thing afterall.

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27 thoughts on “Apparently, Like Every Town Has One

  1. I'm a library addict. I search online at the Library website. Put in requests for 3-4 books. 2 days later they email that they have them on hold. I go pick up the books. Read and wen I get down to the last book I repeat the process. LOVE it! And all for free!

  2. I do not understand this library appeal you speak of. Yes, books are free, but then you have to give them back. And if you don't read them in a timely fashion, you have to pay–but you still don't get to keep them.
    Anyway. I saw The Commoner in the stack o' books. Let me know how it is, please; I'm hoping to read it next year. :)

  3. I don't usually like to re-read books because for me it's all about "what's going to happen?" I never have to pay fines on books because they give you 3 weeks and you can renew online if you don't get to them all.

  4. I just love the library. One of my favorite sections is the knitting books. Free lovely patterns. My kids and I spent a lot of time there when they were little so now it is only fitting that my J works there. Oh even though the selection is limited, we do borrow dvds and cds too. Fun and free. Two of my other favorite F words.

  5. I was walking around downtown SLO today wondering where the library was. I'm hoping they carry audio books, at the rate I'm going I'm gonna run out of material before too long.

  6. Just think of what you can do with the money you save! :)
    I'm told our library has downloadable books-on-tape (or books-on-MP3, but that doesn't sound as good). I want to check it out for my kids. (Ha – "check it out" – I didn't even realize I'd said that until after I wrote it! I'm so punny.)

  7. Oh, our library has downloadable books at their site too. The MP3 thing is not so bad. I have one right now that I dream of helping me to learn Spanish. We'll see about that. When our family travels we sometimes get a book on CD to listen too. Steve you are igniting a movement! Very Cool.

  8. My wife is a regular at our library, she probably goes once every couple weeks and brings home a stack like that. I'm still working through my book purchases that I bought from gift-cards I received for my birthday, so I haven't had a need to hit up the library in a while…

  9. One of my very best childhood memories was sitting in the cushioned window-seat of a very old library that used to be a mansion in a very old town in New Hampshire. My mother would let me sit and read by myself, and I think I could have stayed there forever … warm, safe, in a place of beauty with a good book. Libraries are special places, almost like churches; I love them, I love their books, and I'm very happy to say my kids would rather go there than to the mall.

  10. one thing my library system does that has got me totally spoilt is that you can go online, check the catalog, find books, cds, movies, you want and have them delivered to a branch of your choice. this include materials which are "out" – you'll be the next one to get them.nothing nicer than getting that email: the items you requested, xxx, yyy, zzz, are now ready for you at branch _____ . please pick them up within the next seven days….is nice to see what they do with my tax $$$

  11. I noticed that our library had a pretty substantial CD collection. I wonder if they have a lot of Christmas music…. that might be fun to borrow and load on to our iPods.

  12. I really applaud this. It's one of my few eco-downfalls, I love owning books, writing in them and taking them to the beach or in the woods and beating the snot out of them. They usually wind up with coffee, tea or stains from some kind of spaghetti sauce by the time I'm done with them. Not exactly the way a library wants them returned.
    And I usually try to buy from used book stores but the ones in our town have some real drawbacks. My only saving grace is that I donate books that I no longer use (only if they're in good condition, LOL)

  13. Hope the Beloved is feeling better! I find the library awesome because I'll make some riskier choices than if I'm shelling out cash. I'll try to read something outside of my comfort zone…for example Twilight. I reserved it, read it, and enjoyed it. Though I wasn't about to buy it :) I also like browsing the non-fiction shelves and the cookbooks. Sometimes there are definitely serendipitious finds.

  14. is the beloved all better now??? this bug that's going around is just BRUTAL! oh, man. i haven't been to the library in so long… probably because i can't get through the huge stacks on my nightstand… sheesh. hehe.

  15. I go to our library about once a week. I take the kids. Ours has movies, so we usually pick up a movie as well. The books are only leant for two weeks though, so I can only pick up a couple books at the most. Luckily our library has recently purchased the entire Sandman graphic novel collection. It is really excellent so far. I would recommend.

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