A Bump In The Night

Scene: Darkened bedroom, 4:35 a.m.

Beloved: Earthquake!
Me:  Mrmph…mrpph
Beloved: Do you feel that?  It’s an earthquake!
Me: Mmmf … earthquake?
Beloved:  Earthquake!  Didn’t it wake you up?
Me:  No, you just did.  But that’s cool, too.

Yes, by the time that I became pretty awake, all that was left was the weak oscillations left in the bed and sliding doors rattling in their tracks.

There was a magnitude 4.1 earthquake (blue box) early this morning NE of us (green star) near Mt Palomar.  Clearly the initial jolt was enough to wake one of us.  Eutaw and I would have otherwise missed all the excitement.

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27 thoughts on “A Bump In The Night

  1. Wow, did even feel it! And it's probably geographically closer to me than you! Though now that I think of it I did wake up around that time, but have no recollection of an earthquake.

  2. I never had a problem with smallish earthquakes. Having lived most of my life along the Rim of Fire, they are no big deal. Big ones, those are scary. Good thing they are not as common. I would have slept through it. Rob, the mid-westerner, would have been hiding under the nightstand before he was even fully awake!

  3. I would have slept through it. Or if it woke me, I would have immediately gone right back to sleep.
    Earthquakes are better than hurricanes, I think. They just happen and are over before you know it – no anticipation. And the smaller ones are kind of fun!

  4. I can never miss the chance for a friendly jab…so c'mon….earthquakes, armageddon-ish wild fires and a football team that's not doing so hot…..dude, Middle Tennessee is calling you. :-)

  5. I wondered if you guys could feel it! The first time I was in CA as an adult (mid-90s for a conference), I woke up in the middle of the night one time and went back to bed. In the morning, everyone was "did you feel the earthquake?" — I slept through that one, too.

  6. e*c — SD is actually pretty safe when it comes to earthquakes — the major faultlines are all pretty far away. That's why, when you move to Cali, you should move here… :)

  7. I've got a really poor internal sensor too — we've had them roll through work from time to time, and lots of people are like "did you feel that?" — and I'm always saying, "uhhh not really"

  8. let's work on trying to get myself to grad school first. i did well on my GRE's – 570 in each section! i was testing about 150-250 points lower in the practice tests. yikes. now to convince my parents . . .

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