Thanksgiving Data Collection

Patty recently had a post on what we thought was the best part of the Thanksgiving meal.  She was collecting responses, but of course being a scientist, I want numerical data.
If you choose an “other”, please indicate it in the comments.
Data For The Meal:

Data For The Holiday:

For me, it's cranberry sauce (because I get it so rarely) and the Feast.  Thanks for contributing!

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15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Data Collection

  1. My Dad makes this incredible cranberry salad which is divine, so that is a favorite. However, I'm a big fan of real mashed taters with gravy or butter and cracked pepper and salt. Yummmmm… Oh, and baked sweet potatos with salt and pepper and butter… Yummmm…. I prefer Ham to turkey and cake to pie so what can I say?! And for the last few years we haven't done anything holidayish at all, pretty much just worked straight on through. That's kind of sad though. I don't know what we will do this year.

  2. I said cranberry sauce too! Great minds. :) Have you ever tried lingonberries? They're a Swedish berry (I think they grow wild but I can't imagine they're not cultivated for sale) that makes AWESOME preserves. We can find them in grocery stores around here, but if you can't, you can definitely get them at IKEA. They taste similar to cranberries and are excellent w/turkey, or over cheesecake.
    Fun post!

  3. I love a poll.
    I didnt' choose cranberries, but cant' resist sharing a cranberry relish recipe that sounds horrid but is delicious. for real. I've made it and eaten it. mama stamberg's cranberry relish

  4. Cranberries, horseradish, onion, sour cream and sugar? uh… yes! It does sound horrid! And when your tastebuds recover… if they do…
    Actually, I've always throught that turkey was a bland and tasteless meat, this just might do the trick!

  5. For me most foods are all about the sauce. What happened to gravy in the list? I think mashed potatoes may be a closet vote for gravy, but it makes the stuffing oh so much yummier too.

  6. I selected turkey & gathering of family/friends. Looks like a lot of others chose the same thing. I love to bake a turkey, and I also appreciate all the meals it provides later! :) Our Wyoming family is small, but when we gather together on Thanksgiving, it's somehow more special than any other day. We enjoy the food, play games, watch football & everyone is happy because of the day.

  7. NO votes for mashed potatoes? I'm with Amy about the wrongness – it's shocking! I voted cranberry too, Vox must be some secret liberal cranberry cult.

  8. I went with other dessert (this year I know exactly what that will be) and the four-day weekend. Or the nine-weekday for me, as all my Monday and Tuesday classes were cancelled. Hoorah!
    Personally, I just don't understand the whole pumpkin pie thing although I do like other things pumpkin.

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