The Not So Big Dig

Back around Memorial Day, we met Janette and her husband for brunch.  The Beloved and I were discussing our trip to a local home-fair and that we were excited because we were going to re-do our backyard.  We’d hoped that maybe we’d be able to invite them over for an Independence Day cook-out when it was done.

See, The Aerie has a teensy Southern Californian backyard.  The previous owners had planted a number of tropicals – which by this Spring had all overgrown – and so we weren’t even getting the most out of the small space that we had (plus, they were blocking our view…).

All we needed was to agree on a design and landscaping plan (we’d found someone at the home-show that seemed like she’d be good to work with), get that approved by our HOA, find a contractor and get the old yard demo’d and the new plan installed.

Okay – so maybe the 6 weeks between Memorial Day and Independence Day was a little optimistic.  Surely, by Labor Day, right?

Errr — Columbus Day??

Election Day Cookout, right?


Finally, we’re entering the homestretch (the main delay was finalizing the design and planting plan…we wanted flagstone, planting beds and drought-tolerant plantings).   The old stuff is gone, and out contractor assures us that they will be finished the plantings and laying the flagstone by Thanksgiving.  With only 3 working days left, I’m a little skeptical.

Maybe just to be safe, I should be preparing invites for a Boxing Day BBQ….

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7 thoughts on “The Not So Big Dig

  1. I feel your pain about delayed projects, although I have to say the prospect of planting any flowers sounds heavenly right now. Our ground is frozen solid and it's a frosty hell around here….I would give my eye teeth for 50 degrees and a few roses! LOL
    Can't wait to see the finished project!

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