Happy Birthday, Donovan

Today is Donovan McNabb’s 32nd birthday.  I can’t imagine it’s a very happy one.  He was benched last week (first time in his career, though rightfully so) midway through the Eagles humiliating loss to the Ravens which was on the heels of a truly wretched performance versus the Bengals.

Donovan’s played his whole 10-year career for the Eagles – and has handled himself admirably.  On draft day, he was booed by fans that wanted the Eagles to take long-ago-washed-up-dope-smoker Ricky Williams.  He was maligned by Rush Limbaugh on ESPN, during the network’s misguided attempt to interject edginess into their NFL pre-game show.   He’s been graceful through all that and more.  By all accounts, he’s a decent human being, a good husband and father – never on the news for any of the poor behavior exhibited by too many athletes these days.  You’d be happy to have your kid put his poster on their bedroom wall.
By most accounts, he’s been successful on the field as well.  He leads the Eagles in wins and touchdowns.  He’s approaching 30000 yards passing for his career.  The Eagles have won 5 NFC East titles in the 10 seasons he’s been there.   When he’s “on”, he’s absolutely scintillating – a One Man Gang.

And yet, we’re probably at the end of the road for him in an Eagles uniform.  He’s never won the Big Game – coming up tired/sick/confused in the closing minutes of Super Bowl XXXIX.  And there were the three NFC Championships left on the field.  There have been too many times where he’s seemed bewildered while on the field.  His up-and-down year this season is great example of this maddening inconsistency.   With everyone healthy this year, the Birds were supposed to contend again and they’re at .500 and in last place.  As these things go in the NFL – the coach and QB will shoulder most of the blame.
And so, as a belated birthday present this year, you’ll probably get your ticket out of Philadelphia.  I hope folks treat you well on your way out – despite all the craziness and hyperbole, you deserve that.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Donovan

  1. Come on, I mean if it ends in a tie there is a field goal kick-off right? ? ?
    An honest mistake that anyone could have made. . . that is unfamiliar with the sport.
    He just looks bored out there. He looked that way at the end of the superbowl while he was lolligagging around and time was running out. I think he may want the boot.

  2. The whole tie think is a coaching error. Any decent coach would remind the players of the rules. This was the first overtime tie in six years in the entire NFL. Frankly, I think that Reid is the one who has been mailing it in.

  3. I wouldn't argue with anything you said.
    Suggestions for getting Donovan excited:
    1. Have him play both sides of the ball. At his size, I would suggest linebacker.
    2. Brake one of his major bones and make him play anyways, it has always worked in the past.
    3. Run a west coast offense every once in a while. I mean if you are going to run 30 plays a game with the 26th rated rushing offense in the NFL, why does he even need to be out there.

  4. I agree that I lay more of the blame with Reid than any other single person — but I can't think of too many scenarios where Reid stays and Donovan doesn't. Maybe a new coach would be willing to work with McNabb, but I think it will be the house-cleaning you suggest.

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