QotD: New Car

If you were forced to buy a new car today, what kind of car would you get?

Well heck if you FORCED me — I guess I'd get one of these — the new 1-series from BMW.  We saw them when we were in Germany back in February.  Smaller than the current 3-series — zippy — ridiculously fast.  I have to say I've been longing for a slightly smaller car.

Of course, my dermatologist would crucify me (not outside during the day — probably at night or inside) if I got a convertible, so I guess if I was FORCED to, I'd settle for the coupe.

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8 thoughts on “QotD: New Car

  1. Combining two comments into one…..I wouldn't stand in line for an hour to save $15.00. I'm more for going to a discount store and paying less in the first place. BUT, I would stand in line for 2 days to be the first to buy this hand-me-down BMW when you are *sick* of it. laughing OMGosh, I can definitely see myself riding in this little jewel. (of course, who wouldn't) It is AWESOME. Funny I haven't seen any of these here in the mountains, hehe.
    Denise ;)

  2. Geez… you sound like you almost WISH someone would force you to get a new car! By the way… today is the last day in November, and you posted every single day. Congratulations! I enjoyed looking forward to your posts every day, and I will be slightly disappointed if you don't keep it up (I know it is hard, thus the slightly part)

  3. I'm almost always looking for the next time to be forced to buy a new car. Though with the economy the way it is, maybe I'll muddle through with my sedan for a while longer….

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