Friday 7-tag

I was tagged by Nacwolin for seven things about me that might not be known.  Since these pop up with some regularity, I beginning to think I'm running out of things to say about myself.  Nevertheless, here we go…

1. I dislike artichokes.  Dislike isn’t strong enough, I think they’re nasty.  (And I get a lot of crap for this from the Beloved and some other friends of ours that really like them.)
2. I have never broken a bone, nor have I ever had to stay in the hospital.  The worst was ER room stitches after a collision at home plate during softball game in my 20s.

3. I attended the first Live-Aid concert in Philadelphia in July, 1985.  It was incredibly hot and man, did I get a heck of a sunburn.


4.  My initial major in school was chemical engineering, which I thought was boring.  I wanted to change to psychology, but my parents dissuaded me (thinking there was no future in it) and so I changed it to chemistry, which I found marginally more interesting than ChemE.

5.  My BS and PhD are in organic chemistry, but I haven’t synthesized an organic molecule in 15 years, maybe more.

6. I am a terrible swimmer. I nearly drowned once when I had waded out to a sandbar (Wildwood, NJ) and the tide came in making the water deeper than I could stand in.

7. I always come out as “Jack” on “which LOST character are you?” quizzes.


I won't tag, but feel free to play along!

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11 thoughts on “Friday 7-tag

  1. OH! that's why i like you so much. because you're JACK! hehe :P i've never broken a bone either. and the only time i stayed in the hospital was after giving birth. :)no artichokes? really? wow. i LOOOOVE them. :)i am with you on the swimming thing. actually, i'm worse off than you. i don't know how to swim at all. i can't even float. hehe.

  2. I feel like you are one of those people who should definitely like artichokes. It's so…Steve Betz. I, on the other hand, love them. So freaking good.
    Wait, aren't artichokes one of the main ingredients in bloody marys?

  3. I know Cori, I know — it's one of those things that folks of good education and sophistication are supposed to appreciate… and yet, I still say "nasty" or maybe now "nasty and fussy"…Though you could swap it out for the celery stick in a bloody mary…. that might be one way to get me to try them more often… :)

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