Me and My Nicknames

The other day while I was trying to think of 7, 16, or 25 previously unknown things about myself, the different nicknames that I’ve had popped into my head as ideas, but then I decided to make a nickname match-up quiz for M&MM.
So, I will list five nicknames and you need to match them with the time of life that I was christened with them:
A. Clouds
B. Casper
C. El Gato
D. Curly-bud
E. Bubba (and the closely related Bubbster and Bubs)
Time Nickname Began
1. Pre-school/early elementary school
2. Grade school/middle school
3. High School
4. Graduate school
5. Recently, around age 40

Also, I would love it if you wanted to take a stab at the rationale behind each one (unless of course you already know the answer — that's cheating).  Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Me and My Nicknames

  1. 1. Curly Bud – Curley hair
    2. Casper – Light skin plus cute like the cartoon character
    3. Bubba – Down to earth fun guy.
    4. Clouds – High ideals
    5. El Gato – related to the west coast.

  2. Not sure about the timeline, I'm bad at that kind of thing :(P
    Curly bud – I'll say curly hair also.
    Casper – You could vanish into thin air? (Sounds like a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong…)
    Bubba – You and your football buddies (rolls eyes) LOL
    Clouds – Girls dreaming of your cute glasses
    El Gato – Well from my very limited knowldedge of Spanish, cat? I'm guessing you're curious and adventurous.

  3. I really must go up to the supermarket and take a photo of the poster up there – the guy could be your twin – I think he's advertising fruit and veg.
    clouds – its a wonder some celebrity hasn't called their kid that

  4. I'm gonna say A5, B4, C3, D2, E1. I don't have a good rationale for this, just a gut feeling.Also, has anyone told you that you look like Adam Savage from MythBusters?

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