2008 Favorites — Photos

In general, I wasn't really thrilled with a lot of the photos I took this year, and thought that I'd have a hard time coming up with some I really liked.  After perusing though I did find several that I was really fond of this year.

Branches.  I took this in Sonoma last January.  I just loved the barrenness of the trees and the way it seemed that they were “reaching” for the sky.  To me, this just feels like winter.

Isator.  What I’d noticed as we were walking out one morning on a cold Munich morning was how crisply delineated the shadow was on the bricks of the old city gate.  I also loved the “texture” of the bricks themselves.

Eutaw.  Our ancient dog hates having her picture taken – she thinks she’s in trouble.  So I always try to get them quickly or inobtrusively.  So one day I sat on the stairs and pretended to fiddle with the camera and she happened to wander by.

Sentinal.  This little hummingbird guards our yard every day – well, actually I think she guards the feeder we have from other hummingbirds (they’re pretty territorial).   She would sit on this flax plant all the time and I was lucky enough to get this shot in the late afternoon sun.  She’s had to find a new perch though – that big old flax is gone with our new backyard re-do.

Cactus-scape.  Last winter, we spent a weekend in Pasadena and went to the Huntington Gardens, which have a wonderful cactus and succulent garden that you can meander through for a long time.  I just love the cacti and earth colors against the bright blue sky in this one.

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