Guess Who Stopped By For Breakfast?

The State Bird!

This morning when I came downstairs at The Aerie to start coffee and mentally prepare for another difficult day of NFL Playoff watching, I noticed the usual assortment of little sparrows and mourning doves at the hanging feeder.  Except, one of those doves wasn’t a dove at all…

Happily, I observed, one, two – no a whole covey of Callipepla californica, the California Quail, rooting around in the our new gravel scouting out a little breakfast as well.

We’ve occasionally glimpses these birds in the chaparral near our house, but never in our backyard.  I have to say I always smile when I see them trucking along (they prefer to walk/run than fly) with their plumes (we call them “doobers”) bouncing along on their heads.

We were just speaking with friends the other day that we thought the re-do of our backyard would allow more access to snakes from the canyon, but I hadn’t thought that we also might get much more welcome visitors.

Nice way to start the day.

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16 thoughts on “Guess Who Stopped By For Breakfast?

  1. lovely – we don't have many birds here (in our yard that is) but we do have a pair of doves that seem to like it here even if it means they have to put up with the dog chasing them every now and then, and I love watching them potter about

  2. We have abundant Quail in our neighborhood; they feed in our backyard and all over the area. It's a welcome greeting to see them scurry across the street as we leave to run errands. I missed this so much when I was in L.A.

  3. Janette — we'd seen one on the fence that divides our house from our neighbors', but seeing that many was really a treat. I saw a road-runner once on our street last year, but they seem pretty rare in our neighborhood. They're very cool.

  4. Ellie — the best I can tell, it's a scrub jay. We have a couple of them that completely dominate the feeder when they're around — its funny to see all the other "little" birds waiting in the branches for their chance.

  5. janie — we really like watching the birds too. The table in our kitchen has a nice view of the yard, so we can watch the hummingbirds and feeder birds. In a month or two, we'll put out the oriole feeder (western, not baltimore around here though… ;) ).

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