Friday Afternoon Visitor

Look who stopped by outside my office window this afternoon.  Maybe looking for a little late lunch?

Pretty sure it's a red-tailed hawk, they're the most common raptor here.  Glad I'm not a mouse.

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16 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Visitor

  1. What a pretty critter. Nice photos, really nice. He looks cold! lol
    I have a bear of a time telling a red tailed from a red shouldered, to me it looks more like the latter but I'm seriously lacking in raptor id.

  2. Beautiful! I love red-tailed hawks. And birds of prey in general.This particular hawk looks like he or she is all "What? It's Friday! Can't a bird sit on a lightpost and kick back for a bit for the weekend? Sheesh."

  3. I to am amazed that you were able to get such a close shot. I often see the hawks around here perched on highway signs and the telephone poles. I have never gotten a picture of them though because I am either moving to fast (on the highway) headed somewhere in a hurry, or I do not have a camera with me that is good enough to get a close up shot.

  4. country_cinderella — I've gotten in the habit of keeping my camera in my briefcase — that way its at work, at home and even in the car most of the time. That light pole was really close to my window and the camera's zoom caught him pretty good.

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