Lime Time

One of the things that I was very excited about when we re-did our backyard was a couple of citrus trees (I mean this IS southern California right?) that we planted in big pots.

Well, there was a lot of excitement in out back today – well, after the excitement of Eutaw’s bath – The Beloved found our first tiny lime forming in the sun!

Should be big enough to help a margarita or gin-and-tonic in no time!

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17 thoughts on “Lime Time

  1. Holy cow, that's neat. You have a genuine backyard haven there – you should give it a name and invite your favorite football players to hang out there.

  2. I introduced a couple friends of mine to the Chelsea Sidecar, then to the traditional Sidecar with brandy.They recently came up with their own variation on both made with lime juice instead of lemon; calling them the "Bitch Seat" and the "Chelsea Bitch Seat" after the slang term for the rear seat on a motorcycle. Very tart but worth squeezing a couple of those limes to try out.

  3. So funny, as I was reading this post, before I got to the bottom, I was thinking "Margarita time….". One more reason to love San Diego. I was just thinking about getting a myer lemon tree… I read that citrus trees do well indoors in the winter — although in San Diego you may not even have to bring them indoors at all.

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