Well, Hello There

It was a typically busy Saturday of errand running and preparation for the next week’s visit of the Beloved-In-Laws, but we did get a special driveway visit from the largest cold-blooded critter I’ve seen in these parts.

My guess is he was about 18 inches from stem to stern.

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36 thoughts on “Well, Hello There

  1. Oh, I should have warned folks in your area of the country…that's my ex-husband. Since he retired from GE__CO he's lost all sense of his scale of importance in the world.

  2. How cute! We were just playing with a baby Dragon thing lizard..oh..it just came to me, bearded dragon.. at the pet store today. It's funny..if it has feet it's fine and I actually find them pretty cute, if it doesn't and has to slither, I have to run until I die of exhaustion or scream till I don't have a voice. Go figure.

  3. I think he/she is this guy. Also a good bug eater! You are probably right; the one I referenced is too darn small to be your guy (unless you've been playing with radioactive materials again…).John

  4. Wow – what a beauty. I could just get hypnotized by that scale pattern. Funny the surface looks more like a kitchen counter than a driveway (but I'm sure you weren't planning on inviting him for dinner)! LOL

  5. Southern Alligator Liz?? Why "alligator?" Did it have alligator teefys? Do they bite? Are they poisonous? Do they abduct small children or house pets? He looks like a rather charming fellow as long as he's at your house and not mine!

  6. According to that blurb from the SD Natural History Museum, they will bite (but not poisonous!) — he reminded me of one of those little dogs that think they're as big as a great dane!

  7. My Little (age 11, female, and NOT girlie-girl) wants to come visit and try to catch it and bring it home. No amount of reminders that we live in a decidedly UN-desert-like climate will waylay the desire to own just such a lizard. So if a tall-for-her-age, long-legged, cute girl with curly brown hair and lime-green braces shows up on your doorstep with a cage and a net, just give her a snack and call me … I'll be right out to pick my kid up ;>)

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