Open Door Policy

So one of the things that I really dislike when I’m on Facebook are the really bad margin-ads that always seem to be there.  You know the ones, “I’m a lazy jerk and I make more than you.” or “Pimp your space” or whatever.  Finally though, one of the little programming gnomes got it right and put something in the margin that I wanted to see and was previously unaware of.
Last week, the ad pointed out to me that Death Cab For Cutie had put out a new EP, “The Open Door”.  Five songs and one video.  The songs aren’t new – they were written at the same time as the songs for their last release “Narrow Stairs” but didn’t “fit”.  And where the majority of “Narrow Stairs” was brooding and reflective, the standouts here pick of the tempo and the beat and recall for me the best of “Plans” – Crooked Teeth, and Someday (You Will Be Loved).  
Let’s dispose with meh upfront.  I haven’t watched a video since George Michael stopped blowing up jukeboxes with supermodels, so I pretty much ignored the one for Grapevine Fires.  Also, of all the songs on “Narrow Stairs” to do an acoustic demo of you choose… Talking Bird – arguably your worst song ever?  Seriously?
The other four songs are where the EP shines — the clever and insightful lyrics are still my favorite aspect.  Little Bribes – the most “pop” of the bunch takes a swipe at Vegas and the remainder cover the broken relationship and uncomfortable self-reflection Gibbard & company excel at – just with less emo — my favorite song is probably My Mirror Speaks – which when I first listened to it thought, “Is that hand-clapping?”

My Mirror Speaks

Death Cab for Cutie

It is.  The Open Door adds a couple of good songs to an already good playlist.  I’m glad to hear the fun upbeat tempos back and hope they stick around for a while.

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