Destination Monterey

This weekend we took a little road trip to Monterey.  Actually, I should refine that.  I took a road trip on Thursday to meet The Beloved who was already in Monterey on business.  The idea was that I would drive up alone and then we would come back together.

The Drive.  I got out of town around 9 a.m. and listened to the audiobook of "Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story", which is pretty much what it sounds like.  It was a really good choice — fun story, slightly snarky, clever enough to keep you interested, not so thoughtful and consuming as to make me drive into oncoming traffic.  I made good time and was at our hotel by 4:30. We both wanted to stretch our legs and we walked for about 90 minutes along the bay, stopping at Cannery Row (which is all tourist shops now, no sardines to be found) and walking back through town looking for a place to eat.  We had some tasty Italian and retired.

The Aquarium.  Friday, we hoofed it back to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and spent a good half day there.  Several really good exhibits.  Sea otters, which of course The Beloved thought were super cute and the backlit jellyfish, which I thought were awesome.

There was a special exhibit on the Secret Lives of Sea Horses – which did not really seem all that secret, but was very cool nonetheless – the sea dragons (related to sea horses) were remarkable.  There was also a great shorebird (all rescues) exhibit.

The aquarium also had a number of interactive exhibits which were fun though I felt pretty bad pushing toddlers out of the way to get to pet a starfish (but it was totally worth it).  I, of course, felt the need to walk around and exclaim, “I’ve GOT to save those whales!”  but, alas, all I got were odd looks – 1986 was a long time ago apparently.

Out and About.  After the aquarium, we drove along the point, through Pacific Grove and to Carmel-by-the-Sea.  For you San Diegans, Carmel is like Del Mar, only bigger and with more money.  We had a fantastic late lunch (enough so that it became an early dinner) at a little French place and walked down to the beach – which really is a jewel (I left my camera in the car).

Afterwards,  we drove back and stopped and played in the tide pools at Asilomar St Beach near Pacific Grove as the sun set.

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8 thoughts on “Destination Monterey

  1. Aren't audiobooks the best? I would lose my mind driving if it were'nt for them.
    Pictures are just gorgeous. I've read much about the Aquarium and I'm dying to visit, I love the conservation work they do.

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