Thank You, Sur

On Saturday, we got on the PCH (CA-1) and started driving south.  We were a little chagrined to find that the town of Cambria (our destination) was only 100 miles away, thinking – wow, what are we going to do all day?  It actually turned out to be a real blessing – as we used it as an opportunity to stop and admire views and pull off into state parks and go for 30-60 minutes hikes.

We stopped and did a nice hike to the beach at Andrew Molera State Park.  The scenery along Big Sur is drop-dead gorgeous (now I know why all those car commercials are filmed there) and it was fun to have my car on the twisty-turny roads.  We stopped at a beautiful little restaurant for a light lunch.

One of the highlights was stopping at Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP which had a few short trails that lead to a cliff over an isolated beach (it’s amazing to think of how inaccessible some of these places are), complete with turquoise waters and its own waterfall.  Truly spectacular.

We did run into some fog in the mid-afternoon which was freaky, but it was patchy and not in evidences further south.  About 10 miles north of Cambria, there is the beach at Piedras Blancas where (literally) thousands of elephant seals come to molt and breed during the spring and summer.

You could walk along a roped off path and at some points get to within 30 feet or so.  Awesome — totally unexpected.  The seals made a cacophony of gurgling, belching and harrumphing which I worked hard at duplicating – I think the Beloved found it cute, except when we were out at dinner later.

Sunday, we toodled down the PCH for a bit more, stopping at Morro Bay, which has the distinction of having this huge rock in the middle of its bay.  It's this huge ~600 ft granite boulder in the middle of the bay.  Wild.  The town was an interesting mix of tourist motels, dive bars, fishing boats and tattoo parlors – so I’m not sure its on our next vacation destination list.  Cool rock, though.

After that, we angled over to US101, stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and grabbed the 405 home with only some slowing near the Getty and LAX.  We were home by 4:30 — not so bad!

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34 thoughts on “Thank You, Sur

  1. Gorgeous pics!!! Having just come back from San Diego, my first time in CA, I can just kinda appreciate these more now. Would love to see these spots in person!!!!

  2. Some books by one of my favorite authors are set in Morro Bay/Cambria, so seeing them for real is cool! Awesome photos, makes me want to catch the next westbound plane out of cold, rainy, damp, raw and did I mention cold? Logan.

  3. Awesome photos! Looks like you had a great weekend. I love how you hike such a short distance at Julia Pfieffer Burns and get such an amazing scenic payout.

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.We drove along one a few years ago, and we did hit some super foggy areas – I was so nervous! Thankfully, Rob was driving. But what we saw was breathtaking, and your photos make me want to return again soon.Maybe I can talk Rob into THAT for my 40th next year since I can't convince him of another cruise so soon… :-)

  5. Earlene Fowler … she writes mysteries set in the fictional town of San Celina which is based on San Luis Obispo. Story lines aren't too deep, but I've grown to love the cast of characters, and so, keep reading.

  6. I met Austin Hurst once in 1975, he invited me over on another trip and I was too dumb to make a special effort to stay at this palce in San Simion. Steve I really love this area and "someday" hope to live there. Thanks for the photos- they are wonderful!

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