A Ponderous Chain

Here's a look at the way my brain works.
The other week, the Beloved and I watched the DVD for Marley & Me – it was cute and endearing, albeit in a completely predictable way.

One thing I did NOT predict was where the name “Marley” originated.  While we were watching I was surprised* that the name came from the reggae star Bob Marley.

I really and truly thought the name was a reference to Jacob Marley, the first spirit that visits Scrooge (his former business partner) on his fateful Christmas Eve.

Am I the only person that when they hear the name “Marley” thinks ghost story, rather than reggae?
* and vaguely appalled, I really don’t like the whole reggae party music ganja schtick.

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20 thoughts on “A Ponderous Chain

  1. I hadn't given it any thought, but I guess Bob Marley has more cultural resonance than Jacob Marley. I would like to see a version of A Christmas Carol with the ghost of Bob Marley, that might be funny.

  2. Haven't seen the movie myself. If pressed, I'd either first think of Bob or even maybe Ziggy – old Jacob doesn't come to mind, mostly because the last time I saw the Christmas Carol was when it was played by muppets, and that was a long while ago…P.S. Like the title of this post. I was trying to think up a good follow-up pun but my mind is all tied-up in my work right now.

  3. I think of some wealthy soccer mom's kid when I hear the name Marley. All our cats are given famous names – Poe, Watson, Ives and Hugo (after Hugo Wolf). So I guess it depends on perception of importance. ;)

  4. I hadn't associated the name Marley with either Bob or Jacob. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the movie, as much as I'd like to, because I had to euthanize my golden Labrador and best friend a week after my birthday in August. It's really too bad that you don't like reggae music as it has a really lovely vibe and is very spiritual. Oh well, to each his own.

  5. Sorry I'm not trying to threadjack……but I agree with Pinklemonadelady, although I can't stand the party reggae smoke some weed vibe, some of the music is quite nice and calming. But I'm the only person I know who doesn't like the Beatles so there you go, music is truly subjective.

  6. The Marley movie made me cry. I really didn't want to see the movie but my mom talked me into it. My dog Daisy is starting to have a hard time getting up and has a hard time climbing stairs. I keep hoping she just dies in her sleep and spare me a very hard decision. Marley the ghost never entered my mind.

  7. Okay, if you want to see the movie but are concerned about not being able to handle it, I can tell you the exact point where you can stop it so as to have "heartwarming comedy about pet" and not "incredibly heartbreaking tragedy involving pet."
    (After they move, there's a scene with the snow and everyone's outside, including Marley and then they go in but Marley stays and Jennifer Aniston's like, "Let him stay; he's having fun." Turn it off after that.)

  8. I did not think of either Marley, and the movie really did not call my attention at all. In fact, I barely even recall it as a bleep during a commercial break, so I am not even sure what it is about. I am a little surprised to find out that it is more of a tragedy than comedy.

  9. I never gave any thought to his name either but I also read the book before I saw the movie. Which in the book they both named him together and not just John. I really liked the movie even though I cried…a lot.

  10. PLL — it's really odd that you mentioned that, because a week or so we watched the movie, we had to put Eutaw down. We almost sent the movie back because we thought it would be too hard. However, just having gone through it — watching it on film was actually easier. It was like — yeah, I was there.

  11. Grandma-P — as I said to PinkLemonadeLady, I think watching it was easier "after" we'd had to put Eutaw down — because we could empathize from just having done it. I think it would have been a LOT worse if we were still anticipating it.

  12. Sorry to hear about Eutaw, I know how much you and the Beloved loved him. I'm sure he is greatly missed. One of my favorite pictures you posted was of Eutaw at the beach. He had a great family for many years. He was really a lucky dog.

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