Special Saturday Post-time Happy Hour: The Mint Julep

With the 135th Kentucky Derby being run today, there’s really only one choice for what to drink: A Mint Julep.  The Julep brings to mind old Southern days of relaxing on the veranda, but has become as synonymous with the Derby as roses.

The Julep is potent drink (it’s essentially all bourbon) but is meant to be cold and drank slowly – you know, on that hot veranda.

You really only need a couple of ingredients: mint, bourbon, sugar, and ice.

Add 4-6 mint leaves to the bottom of your glass*
Add ½ oz of simple syrup**

Lightly muddle the mint into the simple syrup

Add 3 oz. bourbon
Add crushed ice to top of glass
Use a bar-spoon to stir until the contents are really cold

Garnish with mint sprig.

Put your feet up, relax and enjoy the Derby.

* there are special julep-cups.  I don’t have one, which seems like an egregious home-bar oversight on my part.
** you can use 1 tsp powered sugar, but I don’t like the texture.

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15 thoughts on “Special Saturday Post-time Happy Hour: The Mint Julep

  1. Bobby Flay ? on Rachael Ray made his with the same ingredients but after he had finished he poured an additional splash of bourbon over the crushed ice! MOM/PAT

  2. Shame on you for not having julep cups! (Just kidding.) My husband has one – not sterling silver or pewter (like real julep cups), of course, but it gets icy cold with the drink!

  3. I kept saying I was going to have a mint julep when I was in Savannah a year or so ago, but never did. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever even tasted bourbon.

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