Me and My New Morning Routine?

So, today might be the first real “unscheduled” day since the “work-force reduction” of last week.  I don’t have to go in and finish clearing out (that’s tomorrow) and we get our severance and such on Friday.   So, today’s a regular day.

And I’m not sure what that means.  I mean it feels a little like a Saturday, but it’s not because the Beloved isn’t home.  It feels a little like a sick day, but it’s not because I feel fine.

One thing I did was start delivery of the local paper, figuring it would be good to have with coffee and take a breath and see what’s going on in my community (something I don't do too often), while watching the birds in our backyard and the haze burn off the coast.

After that, I think it might be a hike in the canyon, grass-cutting, reading and piano.

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29 thoughts on “Me and My New Morning Routine?

  1. Since my morning coffee is consumed while dodging other cars in traffic, I can't help but feel a little twinge of envy when I see this picture…

  2. Hannah — you know with all my fb-scrabble and scrambling, I haven't done an actual pen and paper crossword in a long time. That sounds like a great idea.. :)

  3. Hey Steve, I haven't been on vox in awhile and was bummed to learn your news. I wish you well with the search and hope you can enjoy some of your time off. With the following you have on your blog, maybe there is some potential to create a new venture out of social media? And I want to try that drink you mentioned. I will have to copy that one down. Be well.

  4. Steve, I feel like a schmuck! I am just reading about your lay off. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. My guess is that you will soon be taking on some task that has a big goal. When I finished my schooling I began looking for some kind of project. That is when I thought I might run a marathon. Hint. Hint. Take care, I know you will bounce.

  5. How good for you this is. I have experienced this. The house was very, very clean and I baked something every day. Poor Masha, having to eat pies, scones, cookies and muffins baked fresh. Then I began to feel restless and a bit useless, so I started volunteering. I find it very fulfilling and it is great to be around a mix of people 3 days a week. However, word of warning: sometimes there is someone who works at a non-profit who can be very aggressive and bossy and actually mean. Word up. There seems to be one at every organisation (I have friends in the states who work at non profits and one friend actually had to quit because her boss was so evil). My method is to basically ignore the mean person and when necessary to interact with him or her, to be quite cold. I can not help that, it is the ice queen in me that grew from the inside out from experience in the world. But ice queen is very effective when dealing with meanies. Please do not let this deter you from volunteering if you get the I-am-bored bug up your bottom. Also, taking time out for yourself to relax, travel, take photos, naps, long walks, swims, take pottery (or whatever, for me it was belly dance) class, sit in a coffee shop all day, is very lovely too, and no one should ever feel guilty about doing it. I love the photo, you look cute with your shaved head.

  6. Thanks Jenny — it'll be a bit of an adjustment, I have to say. I went in yesterday and cleared out all of the last stuff that I had there. Really strange feeling. I really am looking forward to something different for a little while.

  7. Hey bec! No need to take the schmuck! It's funny — I feel like I've been "laid-off" for a long time, but I actually don't actually have my last day until tomorrow. I wonder if I will distill down to one big thing or do a whole schmear of little things. Time will tell, I suppose — it always does! :)

  8. Thanks GB! I think that's the thing about volunteering — if you don't like the environment, there's really no penalty in walking — except for the penalty of not being able to help. I'd like to think that people that work for non-profits are somehow more noble than the rest of us — I fear I might get disabused of that notion.Also — I will have to resist the urge to bake and make tasty treats — because I would eat them all!

  9. Well, you could make some tasty treats and send them up north…..I'm always ready to be the guinea pig.
    I'm insanely jealous of what looks like really nice, peaceful morning.

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