An Experiment

Well, today is officially Day One of not —errr — being employed – and it’s weird, but not terrible.  Last week was busier with checking out, cleaning up and other commitments than I originally thought, so it was actually a pretty busy time.

Today however is a different story.  There’s laundry and some phone calls to make, but it feels open-ended in a way that last week certainly did not.  I was thinking about this space and blogging in general – and one of the things I’ve always liked was erin-carly’s Project 365, in which she takes and posts a picture every day.

I’d always thought this was a great idea, but with a short commute and a office-laboratory in which photos were strictly verboten, I never thought I’d have enough opportunity and diversity of subject matter to make a go of it.

So my idea is this.  For each workday, I’ll take a photo – something around the house, the yard, the neighborhood, etc.  If I go for a hike, I’ll take it along.   Who knows what I’ll see… maybe it will inspire me to see good photos where I never thought to look before.  I will start a collection here on the right as well to archive them.  And while I’m not particularly stressy about getting another job and that it might take some time, I hope I won’t get to Day-365!

d1- Limes and Geraniums

We were talking this weekend about taking some photos of the backyard for our landscape designer (because things are in bloom), but the afternoon sun washes a lot out (yard faces WSW), so I took some this morning, while the light was on my side.

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17 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. Nice idea – in fact some people have predicted that the future of jobs will require more creative, flexible mindframes. Art is a nice way to practice that.
    Lovely reds and greens!

  2. I just read about your layoff. I'm sorry you are now a part of the "unemployed statistic." But at least you are taking it all in stride and are making the best of it! I look forward to seeing your daily photos. :)

  3. First off, citrus in your backyard = jealous. (I'll soon have wine grapes, though.)
    Second, I can't wait to get [more] glimpses into your daily life!

  4. No need to be jealous — you can visit them anytime. Apparently, lemons are pretty easy to grow all over CA, but limes are trickier. I hope they survive in their pot!

  5. kelly — yep, that's in our yard — it's not very large, but last year we landscaped it in hopes of using more of its space. We added a lemon and a lime tree in pots.

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