The Calm of Palms

One thing I really like about The Aerie is that it catches the late afternoon breezes that come up off the ocean — and one of my favorite sounds is that of the rustling of palm branches together.  I also love the way they filter light.

Both are incredibly relaxing.

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9 thoughts on “The Calm of Palms

  1. Sounds lovely, I'll be right over! I heard spring water running in the ground today, it was magical and I won't soon forget it. These are moments of bliss in a crazy world and I love it. Here's to listening and watching! =)

  2. Let me tell you what I love: the word "frond." Seriously, isn't it a lovely word? I'm incredibly fond of "frond."I consider my comment complete, now that I have fawned over "frond." I'll let you get back to playing Franz and Franz (Schubert and Liszt, of course).(I'm in a goofy mood and have been playing a word game on Facebook. I can't help myself right now.)

  3. Artzy — you're absolutely right — I think there's so many rush-rush-rush things going on that when you're quiet and observe for a bit, there are some remarkable things.

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