One of the things about being out-of-work is that a list of "things I ought to do" rapidly assembles itself, belying the notion that you are "off".  This week was no exception — and as I prepared to convert my home office area into something more functional, I realized it'd been too long since I'd organized the files, receipts and financial statements that I'd allowed to collect.

Apparently, this weekend I'll be off to Costco to get a shredder.

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12 thoughts on “Re-org’d

  1. I'm doing the same thing. All kinds of home projects are getting done. And btw, if you don't want to spend time shredding all that stuff, there are places you can take it that will shred it up securely.

  2. I spent the evening getting organized as well. I just went through my medical bills from March and then my ER visit for my broken finger – it totals well over $7,000. Whats even worse is that I'm past the "call this number for financial help" time period.


  3. I'm one of those crazies who enjoy organizing – a lot. So much that I love to go to Staples and Office Depot and those kind of places and just go insane. Of course my kids don't give me much time to organize but I try to do it anyways – like with their toys etc. Anyways, this is kind of just insane rambling at this point. I think I really just wanted to say that I'm happy you're getting some stuff done!

  4. Amazing how those sunflowers offset the stress-inducing sight of paperwork ;) Funny how life gives us things to do on a continual basis – but good on you, getting organized is one of the best stress relievers I know.

  5. Patty — it'll be interesting to watch the push-pull of wanting to do leisure activities versus doing more "chore"-like work. I have a hard time putting fun-time before getting other things done.

  6. Steph — I'm definitely a person that likes a thing it its proper place (even if that place is a to-be-sorted bin of statements…). Sounds like the next time you;re in CA, we'll have to put The Container Store on your itinerary. It's the store with a little for for the OCD in all of us… ;)

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