Penny For Your Thoughts

Well — that was quick.

To really get PuppyQuest-2009 going, The Beloved and I went up to a dog show outside of LA this past weekend so that we could meet and greet some of the breeds we were considering for our next dog.

While we were there, we ran into several Pointers from a breeder not too far from where we live.  They were all very sweet dogs — attentive, friendly and pretty relaxed.  After talking with a couple of people from the breeder (and a couple of people that owned their dogs), they invited us to see their puppies they had remaining.  As you might expect being puppies, they were incredibly cute and friendly — afterall they are puppies.

So, we thought and thought about it and researched the breed and compared them to the breeds that we had thought we'd liked (but after meeting a couple were less sure) — and we decided that we could make a good home for one of those pointer puppies.  This morning we drove out to their site and said hello to the pointer puppies again as well as their mom and dad — and made our choice.  A girl puppy that we christened, Penny.  (Short for Penasquitos — the canyon that The Aerie is on…)

Before going home Penny go to take a victory lap around the enclosure that she was in with her littlermates.

And while she wasn't exactly THRILLED with the car-ride home, she calmed down very quickly and has enjoyed exploring her new yard and home.

Welcome, Penny!

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34 thoughts on “Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. OMG, she's yours?? She's adorable!! Is her disposition as gentle and sweet as her photo? Nice. Love the name too.
    CONGRATS!!!!!!! :D

  2. PUPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!I'm so excited for you guys!!!! :D"Penny Pup is on your blog and in my eyes!There beneath the San Diegan skies!"

  3. Penny is adorable! Penny is a BIG puppy!! How big will she get? She's going to be so happy with you guys, and I'm sure she will bring loads of joy for you too! Congratulations! :)

  4. Man, that is one lucky dog! Congratulations on your new addition, and I hope she brings you many years of laughter and companionship, and very few chewed shoes or pieces of furniture ;-).

  5. Thanks Ellie — yep, we brought her home yesterday. She's very laid back so far (as puppies go…) — he sire was also a very calm gentle dog. We're hoping that she inherits that disposition.

  6. I suppose you are the GodFather so that you can throw your support behind her causes. However, at this time she is getting neither one nor the other. Instead she will be happy when she goes out there to see her new puppy Penny.

  7. I am such a dog person, you don't even know. I wish I was part of your hood much earlier, so I could help celebrate such a cute and lovely puppy. At any rate… congrats on such a cutie. Even if she was ugly, she would be awesome…. that's how I roll. :) Puppies are puppies, and therefore the do-all/end-all to a fulfilled life. [ Relatively speaking. ;) ]Much obligatory schmoop for humans and pups, all around. :)

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  9. Reblogged this on Stevil and commented:

    Three years ago this weekend, a certain Pointer came home with us for the first time — can’t believe that it’s been that long already.

    My favorite is the picture of her exploring our tiny yard. She was a puppy not any bigger than a hose-pot. That, and the Victory Lap.

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