Friday Afternoon Practice

I don't know whether "soothing the savage beast" is really appropriate, but she does seem pretty happy just to chew her towel while I'll play.

Good girl!

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11 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Practice

  1. This is awesome! Maybe you can teach her to bark in time with the music. Ok, just kidding. That would not be cool.
    Seriously, she seems like a great dog. So glad you got her!

  2. 'Big dog's doing something, I'm doing something.' Took me a while to realize this. Particularly true for females; they're constantly monitoring you, taking cues, and behaving accordingly. OK maybe not always…

  3. That's so awesome … she looks incredibly content to be right where she is. And it's not just female dogs who will connect that way. Our mutton-headed lab understands the hierarchy of the house … if the Swede's home, dog is at his feet; if not, dog will go to me and then then kids. As long as he's got someone's feet to be near, he's ok. Congrats again on a great find on a great dog!

  4. So far so good! She seems to get upset if I'm not in sight — even if I just disappear into the next room for a second! I'm trying to convince her that I come back!

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