Sunday “Happy Hour”

As it turns out, all happy-hours don't (necessarily) involve booze.

This morning was a quiet one at The Aerie, with the regular tennis canceled because of a welcome misting rain.  After taking Penny on her morning walk, we settled in to newspaper, coffee, and waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  

Happy Sunday!

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13 thoughts on “Sunday “Happy Hour”

  1. Oh look – LOOK! That thing, out the window! No, further over, right over there near the corner of the yard!!! OMG!!!
    *muffled sound of plate scraping across table*

  2. Our waffle machine is broken. It's one of those fancy flip things? I dunno. A switch or lever seems to have malfunctioned and since I'm not the waffle-mommy to start with… I'm not really in a rush to get it fixed. However, we have RE-discovered the dutch babies…. It's like a belgian waffle without the hassle of a waffle-maker. Just as long as you have whipped cream and strawberries. My 15 year-old even declared himself FULL one recent Sunday morning. Teen boys being full is as rare as me understanding The Quadratic Equation. So basically, what I'm trying to say, is that that photo rocks. ;)

  3. I think our waffle maker is the $20-at-Target variety — old school clamshell type. We try to eat healthier breakfasts more often, but sometime you gotta indulge!

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