The First One Bee the Worst

Here's a little shot of Penny "helping" me do the bills today…

She's a lot happier than she was last night, when after dinner we tried to see if we could encourage her to "get busy" one last time before settling in for the night.  She was exploring the yard and stopped at the purple sage bush.

Then she jumped back and started staring intently at this thing on the ground.  Then she sort of rubbed her face.  Yep.  Bee sting.  About 20 minutes later, Penny had a fat lip that was spreading to the whole side of her face. :(

So it was off to the 24-h Vet Clinic for a shot of anti-infammatories and anti-histamines.  Poor thing was really confused/distressed.  After the shots, we waited around and the swelling was mostly down. This is a little ironic since her "full" name is Penasquitos Honeybee.

This actually reminds me of a story of when I was in grade school — probably 2nd Grade — and we were doing a kids' choir rehearsal in this incredibly hot auditorium.  Being one of the taller kids, I was on the back riser — and I was stung by a bee.  I don't recall getting so upset or faint, but apparently I passed out and fell from the highest riser — ker-splat.  This apparently prompted one kid to shout "OH MY GOD!!  HE'S DEAD!!"

Can I make an exit or what?

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15 thoughts on “The First One Bee the Worst

  1. Yeah, I have a whole box for her once she feels up to it. Actually I save all of my old bills and throw them in the fire pit in the back yard. It's relaxing and I'm helping out the greenhouse effect, etc. When I was a kid I remember one day that my dog was eating food and ate a bee! My parents weren't vet parents, so he just had to rough it out. It didn't seem to stop him from eating. We had tough dogs.

  2. Poor Penny! I'm glad she's alright, and you guys are great by getting her to the vet right away. :) She is so cute!!
    I'm like everyone else…I'd be glad to send her my bills to shred. ;)

  3. I was looking at some wasps once and stated stoicly that if you weren't afraid they wouldn't sting you. I was promptly stung. Yeah, I had it coming.

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