So Let’s Root Root Root For the Away Team

Last night, the Beloved and I took in a ballgame at Petco Park to see the visiting World Champion Philadelphia Phillies (I never really get tired of saying that or typing that…) taking on the hometown Padres.

Now, I don’t usually mind the Padres and enjoy going to the park to see a game and will usually root for them, but last night I was bedecked in my Phillies gear (as were a LOT of people) to cheer on the Fightins.  In fact, the stadium was pretty empty – in our section (which were pretty good seats…) there were seven people.  Four were cheering for the Phils.

They Powers That Be must have known there’d be a strong contingent of Phans there, because they Phillie Phanatic even made an appearance.

They showed why they are one of the best hitting teams in baseball – jumping on a variety of Padre pitchers, clobbering their way to a 10-1 lead — and scoring in more innings than they did not.  RF Raul Ibanez went 3-for-5 with a double, 2 HRs and 5 RBIs on his 37th birthday.  In fact, the only blemish was a 4-run hemorrhage by demoted-starter-now-reliever Chan Ho Park in the 7th.

All in all a great night.

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11 thoughts on “So Let’s Root Root Root For the Away Team

  1. You do know how that title reads in Australia, don't you? It always gives me a grin, imaging all of the fans rooting away…John

  2. That's funny…..our game was almost the same scenario we were losing 10-0 to Boston and then came back and got 5 runs to lose 10-5. At least making it semi-respectable.

  3. I love going up to Phoenix to catch the Red Sox play against the D-Backs when the come to town! Last time was 2 summers ago and I was decked out in my Boston gear and ended up sitting in the middle of D-Back central! I thought I was gonna get mugged when I went to the bathroom, but in the end the Sox won 4-3 in extra innings and I almost caught a Varitek homerun (he's been my favorite player for like 100 years!) so it was one heck of a night!!…I'm really hoping that by some miracle he gets another 1 year extension on his contract so that I can go to Fenway and see him play next year!! (since I can't make it this year) Here is a picture of him warming up the last time I saw him play!

  4. I hate it when the bullpen blows it though….I always feel so bad for the starter. Once this year Verlander left the dugout and went to the locker room because a beautiful 7 innings of pitching for him was almost blown.

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