Surprise Party!

This past weekend the Beloved and I were off the grid (so to speak) and headed back to the Ancestral Betz Home (The Garden State of New Jersey) for a surprise 50th birthday party for my brother and his wife – both of their 50th birthdays are this summer.

The surprise was orchestrated by their daughter Rachel.  It’d been in the works for more than a year –  she had invited ~50 family and friends and it was all very hush-hush.  We met on Saturday morning to go over the last details (she’d taken care of almost everything) and everyone else was at the hall with a good 30 minutes to spare (they thought they were going to an engagement party for Rachel’s BF’s brother).  They were completely surprised.  Blown away in fact!

The surprise was sprung and there was great food – hoagies, homemade meatballs in “gravy”, baked ziti and a special cake that was made with both Dave and Lynne’s birthday pictures on it.

Though the highlight had to be a 20 minute slide show (set to music) that Rachel and Dave’s best friend made of Dave and Lynne growing up, getting married, and their life together.  There were a lot of wonderful shots of the past 50 years, including a lot with my mom and dad – I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The next day, we were able to hang out at my brother’s house and catch up and eat leftovers.

I even got to eat my brother’s face!

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10 thoughts on “Surprise Party!

  1. It came off really well — and I don't think they even sniffed that it was in the works. Clearly, their teenage daughter is pretty good at concealing the truth from them… hmmmmm ;)

  2. Nice! We're heading down to Va for a family gathering this weekend to celebrate my niece's HS graduation and my Mom's 85th birthday. My Mom had a serious health scare this week but it appears it's not as bad as we expected so it'll be a real celebration. My #1 son is coming in from LA, and #2 from Hoboken along with sister and niece from Charlottesville – all gathering at my brother's house in Roanoke. It's so seldom we can all be together!

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