Quail Babies!

Ever since we finished the re-do of the yard at the end of last year, we’ve really enjoyed the way that a covey of California Quail have taken to using our yard to feed (specifically, the seed that gets spilled from our feeder).  You can see them here.

We’d been reading up on them and our book said that in the spring the larger group splits off into breeding pairs.  And sure enough, we began to see one regular male and female pair hanging out a lot.  And that got us wondering.  If there are breeding pairs, did that mean there would be quail chicks?  (fledglings?  mini-quail?  quailettes?)

Sure enough, yesterday morning, was a veritable quailapalooza and our first view of the quail babies!


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17 thoughts on “Quail Babies!

  1. Penny discovered the other day that she could "flush" the birds from the feeder area if she ran out all of a sudden — she thought that was pretty fun. Much like various chew toys though— the fun only lasts for a moment or two.. :)

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