Another Afternoon Visitor

So, there I was, trying to beat Cori at WordTwist while Penny was asleep in her crate when there came a flutter.  And I mean a bigtime whooshwhooshwhoosh flutter.

Yep – bird in the house. (We keep our screenless backdoor open when it’s warm because there aren’t really any bugs to speak of here…)  I walked out and there on the transom was one confused male California Quail.   Apparently one of our favorite birds decided to come on in and see what was happening.

He made another fluttery flight for the dining room window – which unfortunately for him was closed.  THONK!  Sorry buddy.

I think that left him scared and/or dazed enough to permit me to get him to hop up onto a broom that I slid out towards him.  I slowly moved him to the back again and as soon as I tipped him onto the patio, there was one more big flutter and he was off to the safety of the nearby scrub brush.

So – after yesterday’s snake and today’s quail, I find myself wondering what’s going to happen tomorrow!

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15 thoughts on “Another Afternoon Visitor

  1. Coyotes are known to roam free there. Last time we visited a chiwawa (sp?) was missing. Maybe one of those guys can come over and join the snake and the bird.Java Janie— I am with you on this one. I'd keep that door closed and locked at all times!

  2. your pics of the quail and the WAP reminded me that I had a dream last night where my favorite bird (and almost favorite animal period) – a bald eagle – came to me and let me hold it as if it were domesticated (but it was fierce with everyone else)…..must have been the pasta I had for dinner! Anyways – great pics..I love the white markings around the little guy's head! With all the animals coming into your house, you're sure you haven't opened the Jumanji book right?

  3. AKK — actually, the other morning, we saw two (apparently well-fed) coyotes just below our fenceline. I think they're dining on bunnies these days, which are in ample supply.

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