Old-school weekend activities

I was thinking the other day about where my blogging mojo has gone… time has been spent with Penny and the piano, but really I think all my mental energy has gone to playing Word Twist.

Of course, it could be a good day for a nap.

A close look will see that my teddy-bear (creatively named Teddy) had some physical trauma that resulted in the loss of an eye.

We're also having guests come into town and stay with us this week (starting tomorrow), so maybe we'll spend some quality time at the beach.

I wonder if I can still get a pair of hexagonal shades?

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10 thoughts on “Old-school weekend activities

  1. I love the way you inserted old photos for your blog post…clever idea!
    I have had my addiction moments with Word Twist…but get frustrated because of such good players like Heather! ;) She keeps me aiming for that goal, though. I'll have to try my luck with you sometime! :)

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