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Follow-up to last week’s question:

Do you keep all your unread books together, like books in a waiting
room? Or are they scattered throughout your shelves, mingling like
party-goers waiting for the host to come along?

I haven't done a BTT for a while, and this seemed like a pretty good one.   To answer the question: my "to-read" books sit in a stack by my side of the bed, as does the book that I'm currently reading.

The to-be-read stack is often, but not necessarily in the order that they (I think) they'll be read.  Because you know you can't have a small book on the bottom and big books on top — that would be so so wrong.

Anyway — I like my stack right now.  I have a recent King book (Duma Key) that had gotten pretty good reviews.  A new book on traveling in China by J Marten Troost who wrote one of the funniest books that I've read in a long time (though his follow-up was not quite as good).  The new mystery by Tana French, which I got on the strength of her first novel that I liked very much.

Rounding out the stack is another non-fiction book (A Voyage Long and Strange) about the early colonization of North America by Europeans.  I'm also anxious to read Zafon's "Shadow of the Wind" which was recommended by several folks here on vox.

I also have a couple of other non-fiction books at the base.  A collection of 50 essays — one written for each state by a famous native, and a account of the design and installation of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel — we're thinking of going to Italy and Greece next year.

More than half are non-fiction.  Huh.  That surprises me.

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20 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday — To-Read Stack

  1. I have a book stack too, courtesy of Dad. I'vegot some odd Tibetan Mysteries, a Mystery set in modern Day Israel, and a book about Cuba. really need to start reading more.

  2. Loved Duma Key, of course, and I hope you do too. But Shadow of the Wind is my most favorite book ever and you have to read it as soon as you possibly can. :)

  3. I'm really not happy unless I have a pile of books on the bedside table. As I read them I pile them on the floor until its time to go back to the library. Very satisfying to come home with a fresh pile. But there are books all over this house – kitchen table, lounge room table, every space seems to have a book or magazine on it.

  4. I stack mine smallest on top as well, but I'm a bit anal about them. I stack them from the largest on the bottom to the smallest on top in a pyramid. They also have to be lined up so they're symmetrical. I'm not as bad as Monk, but sometimes I do want to move things to make them symmetrical like he does.

  5. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is pretty impressive but some of the best work is on the ceiling of the long hallway leading toward it. Simply amazing!

  6. BF — I have to keep myself from doing that. Like "State By State" is bigger than the Sistine Chapel book, but not by so much that it looks crazily haphazard. "Cannery Row" which was so small it could ONLY go on top — even though I wasn't planning on reading it right away. Actually, I think i read it sooner than I'd planned because it was messing up the stack. I don't have a problem, though.

  7. LOLOL – yes my books are in strict size order, I stop short at arraning them by color (that's only for my clothing), okay enough about me…..
    A Voyage Long and Strange sounds great! Is that in the list you haven't read? This is great, I am gathering all sorts of reading material for post-graduation / summer. Cool. BTW is this a QOTD or is it part of the group…..?

  8. Yes — A Voyage Long and Strange is in the to-read pile. That might be one of the "plane" books when we make a swing to NJ next month.Booking Through Thursday is a weekly blog meme about reading and books. And there is also a vox-group that shares their answers here.

  9. Random question do you ever read more then one book at a time or always just one? I've tried reading more then one book but I just can't seem to do it and prefer to read one at a time.

  10. I too keep my ""books yet to have been read together. I don't put them in an order to be read and the number of books grows before it ever gets worked all the way down.

  11. Christa — almost always one at a time. Sometimes if I have a collection of short stories or essays, I will read one or two of them between each full-length book. Sort of like an intermezzo… ;)

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