Bubbly Personality

The other day on our afternoon walk, Penny and I bumped into a mom and son that we see sometimes and who like to fuss over Penny (well, the mom does).  The son that afternoon was playing with bubbles — you know, the detergent solution with the little wand…

Well, it turns out that a certain pointer thinks that chasing bubbles and catching them in her mouth is about the Best. Thing. Ever.

So, yesterday I stopped by the store and brought home some bubbles of our own (when was the last time I bought those?).

Happy dog.

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14 thoughts on “Bubbly Personality

  1. I'm glad Penny enjoyed the bubbles and I hope you enjoyed blowing them! Blowing bubbles is as much fun as watching them being caught..at least I think so. :D

  2. I saw the story about Zubbles when they were first developed a few years ago. I kept checking to see if they were available to the public, but every time I checked they were still not out. I missed that they were finally selling them, thanks for the link to the story.

  3. Hey! I just finished writing my post for today. I started it this afternoon, so imagine my surprise when I saw the title of your post. Now that I have that out of the way, I am going to read yours.

  4. There is something soothing about blowing bubbles. At the middle school I subbed at we had occasional times when we did a fun thing during home room. The kids could sign up with any teacher based on what activity that teacher planned. One teacher had took the eighth grade students in her class outside to blow bubbles. It was a popular activity. Enjoy,

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