Because Animals Can Often Be Better People Than People

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d determined that I’d been drawn into somewhat of an obscure niche in recent readings.  Well, I think I found another one.  The new one happens to be Mysteries In Which The Protagonist Is a Domesticated Animal.

Earlier this year, I listened to the audiobook of “Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story” by Leonie Swann.   I take it the original was written in German.  In this story, a flock of Irish sheep in the little town of Glennkill find that their shepherd has been killed.  With Miss Maple “the cleverest sheep in all of Glennkill”* leading the investigation, the flock stumbles upon the dark goings-on in the presumably peaceful little dorf.  The tale pretty humorous and pokes a lot of fun at human society.  I thought the mystery sort of fizzled a bit towards the end, but the characters are endearing enough to carry it through.

*and possibly the world.

And just the other week, I finished “Dog On It” by Spencer Quinn — apparently, the first in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series.  Chet is a mixed-breed dog that assists his private eye owner in solving crimes in the greater Phoenix area.  The story is told completely from Chet’s perspective – which is sort of interesting because there’s a lot of the mystery that happens “off-camera”.   Chet is the epitome of the loyal side-kick and this book is a hoot for anyone that muses “I wonder what that dog is thinking…”.  This book doesn’t really have the satirical elements that “Three Bags Full” does, though Chet's observations of the quirks of human behavior are pretty funny.  The mystery is pretty light and it’s fairly easy to put white hats and black hats on characters as they appear.  And I don’t think it’s a big giveaway that the bad guy has a cat.

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7 thoughts on “Because Animals Can Often Be Better People Than People

  1. Of course the bad guy has a cat – cat people are way devious! LOL Thanks for the reviews – the sheep one sounds funny (and need I even mention, like Animal Farm)….

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  5. I’m fond of books told from the POV of animals, children, and even aliens. Both of these sound funny to me, and I will definitely be checking them out. I have to stand up for cat people, though. I have four, and I really don’t think you could be less devious than I. Pretty much every thought that passes through my head comes out my mouth. *grin*

    It’s been my observation that villains who love stroking a pampered Persian seem to have world domination on their minds, but villains who just want to cause painful, bloody mayhem on a one to one basis…well, they are often accompanied by pitbulls and Rottweilers. I’m just sayin’……

    Sign me,
    Two Vicious, Killer Dachshunds and Four Fat, Sissiy Cats From Central Florida

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