Yesterday, Penny and I took a pleasant early-morning excursion to the local park and canyon that was the inspiration for her name — the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, which is essentially down the hill from our house.

Penny really enjoyed it — there were SO MANY NEW THINGS TO SMELL!!  There were birds to flush and bunnies to scatter.

We did a nice combo of trail running and exploring.

The preserve is pretty serious about keeping dogs on leash when in the park, which Penny wasn't a big fan of.


Even so — we found a good spot or two to do some off-leash (or at least leash-dragging) practice.

We were out early with a little cloud cover and back home before the heat of the day kicked in. All in all, a great morning.

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14 thoughts on “Namesake

  1. She is growing fast! What a pretty girl. She seems nicely behaved too.
    I so appreciate that you obey the leash rules. As a runner I've had dogs jump all over me and even knock me down – when I get charged at by a strange dog I have no idea if it's freindly or not. The owners often giggle as though it's funny, agh.
    I don't care if a well trained dog is off leash, just the ones that charge and knock me over.
    ps I don't know what you're feeding her but she looks fit as a fiddle.

  2. What fun! I can see where Penny would take offense, of course–I mean, it's pretty much HER park, why should SHE have to wear a leash?! Harumph.

  3. Ellie — yeah — we try to make sure she has off-leash practice when we're good and alone. I'm also incredibly wary of poorly behaved dogs off leash. Even if they're just curious, an unknown dog can be intimidating to a lot of people.

  4. cat — no, we got Penny from a breeder in a town a little ways away. We'd met some of their dogs and they were all very sweet-natured, which was what tipped us to them.

  5. That's good, I have dog allergies too (along with my ten other allergies) :P although it's not bad outdoors.
    Just curious, have you used any of that funny Dog Whisperer guy's techniques? He came onto the scene after I moved on from animal work – but I admit he's intriguing.

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