Have a Nice Bay!

Good weekend at the The Aerie this past weekend.  The Big Event was hosting a dinner at our house taking advantage of Cori’s visiting from NorCal.  She, Noelle and Janette (with hubby and kids) came over for drinks, dinner and dessert in the back yard.  It was really a blast and Penny made a friend for life with Janette’s three-year-old daughter.

Of course, the camera never came out, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

On Sunday, the Beloved and I were able to be guests, visiting with one of our good friends that has part-ownership of a boat on Mission Bay.

So, in the afternoon we took “The Minnow” out for slightly less than a three hour tour.

The weather did not start to get rough at all — it was warm and sunny and we got a great tour around the Bay. 

Finished off with a mojito or two back at his house as a great way to cap the weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Have a Nice Bay!

  1. I know, as we were driving away, I thought, "hmmm, no photos". But, then again, I sometimes hate to interrupt a perfectly good moment by bringing out the camera…and it seems like dinner was just a string of perfectly good moments :)

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