Pick me! Pick me!

So — when was the last time you got a jury duty summons or questionnaire and thought — hey, pretty cool!  Certainly, I know I never have.  Don't get me wrong — I think jury service is incredibly important and one of the best duties "the average joe" can do to help the government.  But usually when the call comes, it's hard to get away from work, or too much is going on, etc.

Well — being out-of-work right now has changed some of my perceptions.  The other day a questionnaire arrived in the mail from the US District Court here in San Diego.  And that normal "Oh man, not now…" did not come to mind.  In fact, I say — alright, let's do it!  Is there any better time to serve than right now?  I have the time.  I have the interest.  My whole career has been spent reviewing and evaluating information.

So I filled out the form and sent it back in yesterday.  I have to say that I'm pretty curious.  I've never been a part of anything other than local city court jury-duty, so I'll be interested to see how things operate at the "next" level.  Sign me up!

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14 thoughts on “Pick me! Pick me!

  1. Nice. Hopefully you get it now, so when you go back to work, you won't have another for a while. I have to say, my one San Diego jury duty experience was quite pleasant; I was surprised at how efficient the whole thing was. You can go in any day within some set period (and you can also request a delay). I went in, hung out in the big waiting room after hearing a brief speech from a judge on the importance for jury duty. I read for a couple hours, and then I was dismissed because they had already formed their jury. I hear that if you want to not be placed on a jury, it's a good idea to go for jury duty the day before a holiday because they're likely to dismiss everyone early.

  2. I've had jury doody twice in 3 years. Both times I went through all the hoops and was never picked for a jury. It was a great day to get caught up on my reading and people watching though. :)

  3. I always thought it would be interesting to do jury duty as well. The only time I was asked was back in college when I was taking a summer school course on Business Law and the trial was to start the same day as my final. I went to selection and I didn't even get as far as questioning before I was told I was dismissed. I was actually a little disappointed.

  4. I've been called for jury duty 3 times. The first time, I served and found it very interesting. The other 2 times, it simply wasn't convenient but I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime.

  5. I hate to tell you but lawyers do not like scientist types in the jury. Too hard to get anything past them, so you will probably be disqualified because you know how a breathalyzer works (true story).

  6. :) Oh that is cool! I hope you get it. It'll be so interesting… and you know all my lawyer instincts are making me curious about how you'll view the experience :)Sorry for being incommunicado and a generally bad neighbour. Life has never been this busy before! I've missed catching up with you though. Must make time for Vox!

  7. Hapa — my city jury duty was pretty much the same experience. Come in, hang-out, listen, read, go to lunch, read, get sent home. Not so bad. Apparently, for federal duty you have to be available for a month (my guess is September given the time the questionnaire arrived). But you only call in to see if you have to go in or not.

  8. I've heard that in some instances (forensic evidence, but no eye-witness accounts or impersonal money laundering types of things) someone with a science or engineering background is preferred — b/c they can be detached from the data. Of course, the opposition might then be opposed to it!

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