Dog Beach Morning

The Beloved and I are heading out of town this weekend which should be a lot of fun for us, but maybe not so much fun for Penny — who, while she’ll get great treatment from our pet-nannies, is due for quite a bit of crate time.

So, as a treat for her, and hopefully get her good-and-tired and not really minding some crate-sleeping, we went to dog-beach in Del Mar for some good ol’ running around.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone there, but it is the first time I remembered to bring my camera.

Technically, the dog-beach area is on-leash only until after Labor Day, but the only dogs I saw paying attention to that were ones attached to joggers.

The great thing is that it’s a large area to run around for Penny and chock full of other dogs to play with.  Most of the dogs (and owners) are really friendly and it’s good socialization for Penny (who’s a little nervous around strangers still).

Afterwards, we walked about a mile-plus through some of Del Mar’s nicer neighborhoods to a nice little breakfast lunch place that is dog-friendly.  I had a sausage-egg-and-cheese croissant and Penny had some water and kibble.  Though I think she thought maybe mine looked a little better.

Good morning!

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13 thoughts on “Dog Beach Morning

  1. We have a dog beach here too and my dogs just LOVE it. There must have been some sort of instruction when putting together the universe that made dogs and beaches a requirement for all. :) I would have given her a little smidge of sausage too. :)

  2. Awww Steve, how could you resist that face! ;-)
    What a wonderful beach…Penny looks like she's doing great in her socializing skills.
    Have fun on your out-of-town trip!

  3. What great pictures! I love that in most of the pictures we've seen of Penny, she's RUNNINGRUNNINGRUNNING! Something tells me she seldom pauses to pose. :)

  4. Great pictures! I can't wait to visit Dog Beach! I forgot where I told you my aunt and uncle keep their boat…somewhere in Del Mar…

  5. Aw, Penny looks so happy! And btw, is that Stratford Court Cafe I recognize? I used to eat there with the honey all the time (he used to live on Stratford). I am going to look at a dog this weekend (!). Maybe we can have a doggie play date. :-)

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