The Things You Learn…

This past weekend, the Beloved and I did what all good unemployed and furloughed people in California do with a couple of extra days — we went to Sonoma and tasted some fantastic wines and saw some gorgeous landscapes.

Sadly, there'll be no picture of a glass of pinot noir in the foreground against the backdrop of the picturesque vineyards that just a few years prior had produced the bounty of which we were tasting.  No — I forgot my camera.

So, instead, I offer up a multiple choice quiz of things I learned this weekend.  Perhaps a prize to the first person that gets them correct.

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9 thoughts on “The Things You Learn…

  1. So does the little dot next to the question mean that's the right answer, or just the answer that I picked?
    I'm glad you had fun. Do you have any good wines to recommend?

  2. Darn it. I don't know if I answered them right or not.I may have had a very slight advantage because I used to live and work up there. hehe. But I am not sure I got them right… I selected B, A, B, C. The first one was purely a guess. I think the better answer is C, but I got confused…. That happens a lot. hehe.

  3. I do love the California state flag. My son used to have a shower curtain with it on it! Coincidentally, I snagged two bathmats at TJ Maxx to go in there, both with vintage prints on them, one with an advert for tomatoes and one for wine. : )

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