Answers, We Got Answers

Well — from the map, it doesn't look like anyone was able to get all four answers correct — though grrrace should have stuck with her first instinct on the first question.  Also, there was someone that answered that vizu didn't put on the maps.  Perhaps someone from the space station is playing along.

First one– a "late disgorged" product comes from champagne-style sparkling wines in which the yeast is fermented in the bottles and turned such that the yeast sediments in the neck.   The length of time adds complexity to the sparkling wine — and so late-disgorged wines have great flavors.  The "bottom of the barrel" chardonnay was the winner for this question.

Second one — the star on the California stage flag is there to evoke the Lone Star State of Texas — namely the Lone Star Republic.  Several of the "Bear Flag Rebellion" leaders were Texans and sought to duplicate Texas' independence in the far west.  A few folks got this one, though the most popular answer was about it being representative of the state on the US Flag.

Third one — the northern most Mission in California is in the town of Sonoma, right off the square.  Santa Rosa and San Rafael were the winning vote-getters — mostly I think because they sound like Mission-type towns.

Last one — the five noble Bordeaux grapes are:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec.  The odd-grape-out is Pinot Noir which is SO Burgundian.  Hello!  Malbec was the huge winner for this question.

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5 thoughts on “Answers, We Got Answers

  1. Damn, you mean I could've won?! hehe. Oh well… I knew the second one because I remember that being weird about the CA flag having a Texan lone star on it. The third one I guessed because it sounded like a trick question. hehe. And I knew the last one because I worked for a couple of wineries. :D

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