A Day At The Races

Yesterday, the Beloved took a day off (after a couple of long days) and we set our sights on watching a little of the Sport of Kings.  Yep, we went to the track.  Here in San Diego, that means going to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, which is a beautiful track right by the sea.

Both of us like horse-racing — though we really don't bet extravagantly.  We arrived in plenty of time for the first post (2 pm) and were able to grab a pretty tasty hand-carved sandwich.  We spent the day moseying between our seats, the paddock and the rail.

As you might think, we did better on races in which we observed the horses in the paddock.  While it's sometimes difficult to figure out which horse looks best, you can often tell who's having a Bad Day — foaming, rearing, crazy-eyed horses don't tend to follow jockey's instructions — seeing that will usually over-ride any positive suggestions in the racing form.

Not only is it good to watch the horses, but a day at the races affords some pretty awesome people watching.  From retiree couples looking very dapper in summer resort wear to twenty-somethings decked out to impress, to grizzled looking guys betting on several tracks simultaneously who seem a little annoyed when you ask the person at the window to explain the difference between an exacta-box and a quinella.

And who knew jockeys had groupies?

We had a good day — out of eight races, the Beloved won on three and I won on two (never the same race oddly).  I think we each ended up a little on the downside (maybe $10-15) though I was about a horsehead from winning >$100 in one race.  Great time.

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13 thoughts on “A Day At The Races

  1. I went to the races once. I only bet once and lost. hehe. I'm not much of a gambler, though. Hey, being a gentleman of leisure looks good on you! :)

  2. I remember going to the race track many moons ago, I still remember the feeling of excitement in the air at the start of each race. I never knew for many years that betting on the horses was the reason my Grandfather lost his home and business. I still like watching the races on TV though.

  3. Grandma-P — I think I remember your grandfather's sad tale when we were talking about all the gambling there used to be along the 301 corridor. I'm glad I don't find it hard to keep it at entertainment levels.

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