They Killed Off Lucy Knight!

So, one of the observations I can make about my time away from work for the last couple of months is that I haven’t really watched a lot of TV.  I thought I might find myself watching movies or something, but I guess there’s been enough tennis, piano, and puppy to keep me pretty busy.

One exception has been the show “ER”, which is shown in repeats on TNT in the morning.  I DVR it from the previous day and then Penny and I watch it while I have my breakfast and coffee.   The nice thing about it is that the network is following the series in order — which counts a lot when you’re looking at 15 seasons.  It’s perfect for breakfast-oriented puttering.  Compelling enough to be interesting, not so intricate that it requires undivided attention.

I think I’m somewhere in Season 7.  I know a lot of people said that the show went downhill in it’s last few seasons, but I’ve enjoyed it, even though the first round of cast turnovers seems to be in process.

It’s funny – I never watched it when the show was on but had a lot of friends that did – and recall many “what-happened-last-night!” conversations that they had.  The title of this post refers to a just completed story arc in which med-student Lucy Knight (played by the decidely cute Kellie Martin) was stabbed to death by a schizophrenic – on Valentine’s Day no less!! – and the soul-searching that ensued.  I’d known that Kellie hadn’t lasted too long on the show, but I always figured that she’d been written out by “moving on” — like onto another hospital, not the afterlife.

So, there I was, all upset, nearly a decade after everyone else knew about it.  Talk about not being spoiled.

Is there any old show that you would go through (that you hadn’t seen before) if you had the chance?

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22 thoughts on “They Killed Off Lucy Knight!

  1. I have been a fan of ER since it started. I was so sad that the show ended last season. I remember Lucy, her problems with ADD, and her violent death! :)
    Another favorite show of mine (that ended too soon in my opinion) was Judging Amy. I watch reruns whenever I can, hoping to catch a show that I missed.

  2. I must say that seeing the caption "Got stabbed" for her picture made me literally lol. :)My mom and I watched ER some in the earlier seasons, but I stopped watching. I did tune in for Dr. Green's final episode. But sheesh, this last season was absurd–I had to see the promotional commercials when I watched The Office on Thursday nights, and EVERY EPISODE was touted as THE MOST IMPORTANT AND EMOTIONAL AND EVENTFUL EPISODE EVEEEEEER! They also did the countdown bit, so every week it was "Only 17 episodes left in this important television series." "Only new episodes of ER left EVER!"There are a million shows I want to watch in their entirety–TV shows on DVD are pretty much the main reason I got Netflix. I really want to watch all of The Sopranos, and daunting as it is, I'd like to go through all of The Simpsons–but that one I've seen lots of, and it's still going strong.

  3. I would like to watch ER, which I've never seen. I bet I'd like Charmed, because I love Buffy so much. I want to see The West Wing, because I've heard it's brilliant.
    I have Netflix, so I should start really watching a bunch of the shows I've always wanted to see.
    Also, I keep promising Bekki that I will watch Battlestar Galactica.

  4. I think I cried during that episode. I liked ER. The early seasons were the best, obviously, but I watched up until Anthony Edwards left, and some of the final season, including the series finale, which was awesome.I really liked Judging Amy, too. I'm not sure if there's a series I'd go back and watch that I'm not at least partially familiar with — watched half of the first season of The West Wing and hated it, etc. — or haven't already gone back and watched. I came onto Criminal Minds late but now love it. Same with NCIS. Medium. CBS' Friday night lineup. I don't care what anyone says — Ghost Whisperer makes me cry every single week.

  5. I remember that episode…and I remember it being a bit shocking. Probably good to keep the daytime TV to a minimum…if you start blogging about soap operas I'm sending you to a 12-step group ;)

  6. I won't give anything away, I don't know how far along you are….but I had to stop watching after a few episodes that were so grim and terrible I still get nightmares from it. You'll know when you see it. It was brilliant though, really woth watching. LOL that didn't sound convincing but anyway….
    I heard Madman was good, I haven't seen an episode yet.
    I'm watching Big Bang Theory reruns.

  7. I did so this year with Buffy. I am currently going through babylon 5 and spaced. I had never seen a single episode of any of these shows upon starting them.

  8. Oh my gosh sorry to but in on comments but you soo have to watch Buffy! I loved it! Steve – I did this with Buffy, Angel and Sex and the City. Now sadly I think I've run out of shows that I would be interested in watching and just keep up with the current ones on.

  9. You mean every day in the ER isn't filled with on the edge of your seat drama and personal intrigue. Also, this ER doesn't seem to have any velvet "Eden" paintings for some reason….

  10. You know you're in trouble when something is labeled as "a very special episode" or "the episode that changes EVERYTHING". I looked at the Nielsen's for ER and it was pretty strong until about season 10 — then seemed to fall off pretty hard. I'm very curious to watch the decline in a weird way.

  11. I watched the Mark gets the crap kicked out of him in the bathroom arc, but until that time they hadn't bumped anyone off and it was a big surprise to me because it was so unexpected.

  12. I never watched The West Wing either — though I loved Sorkin's Sportsnight — which was really excellent and under-rated. I did watch the last season of West Wing though and thought it was pretty good.

  13. I probably would not mind seeing the Saint telemovies of the late 1980s. They never aired here in New Zealand. I was put off medical shows by my mother, who was a nurse, and said they were all too phony for her. I understand ER is more true-to-life but I don’t think I’ll ever accept the genre. Where have I seen Kellie Martin before? She looks very familiar. I Googled her name and see that she was in a series called Christy, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t that.

  14. steve, its because the ER tv hosptial isnt run by Seventh Day Adventists, who serve soy bacon (Love soy, but it makes bad bacon…) and paint odd velvitine pics.

  15. Jack — I'd never watched "The Saint" — though I know a few people that really liked it. Kellie Martin first became popular in a family drama (ABC) called "Life Goes On" — the family had one Downs' child and one gifted child (Martin). She's had other minor roles in series, too.

  16. Steve, it must have been Life Goes on, in that case. The name rings a bell. I see it was on in 1989, which probably fits, with me being a pervy teenage boy at the time.

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