Today Penny turned six-months old.  And so, as a surprise, we went back to the breeders where we’d gotten her in Escondido.

It was very exciting.  All the dogs were excited to see her.  The breeders gave her lots of love and treats because she truly was one of their favorites.  They all said that she looked very happy and very healthy!

She got to do another victory lap around the German Short Hairs that were still there.  And everyone had a grand-old time.

She also got to visit with her brother (Bobo) and her sister (Rose-girl).

Rose girl was very sweet and the owners jokingly said that if Penny wanted her sister with her, that I could just take her home.

Alas – time went by very quickly and it was time to go home again – but it sure was nice to visit with her brother and sister for a bit.

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16 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Rose Girl is beautiful! I bet it was hard to say no, right? ;-)
    Steve, you are so good at taking photographs of Penny! That first photo (We're going somewhere?) looks like it belongs on a magazine cover. Between your photography skills & her natural beauty, you guys make a great team. :)

  2. That first picture is the EPITOME of a baroo. And I love the victor lap pictures!!!Rose-girl looks like a sweetie!! Two puppies! You need two puppies!!!!

  3. Hi Steve. Totally inappropriate comment of the day will be mine….
    I got you by reading about vox folding soonish in one of the blogs of my neighbour and how you said Ross (your neighbour) was working on a teleporter thingy that would magically see all Vox posts transferred seamlessly to WP I think.
    So I am thinking I need people like you and Ross in my hood.
    I didn't want to just stalk your whole hood to find him so…maybe tell us more about your friend's plan so we can all jump aboard. Also…six-apart kinda sucks. they had other attempts at blogging platforms that died. One was my original choice before Vox and they just kinda disappeared. I only realised Vox=them later…damn…also…is this just a panic or do people actually know something?

  4. No worries, G. Not inappropriate at all. In fact, I was thinking of a post about this very topic, but it'll have to wait til i get back from vacation.I will let Ross know that there is keen interest in his tool (ahem) as we wonder about vox's stability.

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