So — Penny's not the only one that gets to see their brother and sister this week.  I do too.  And so, tomorrow we're off for a vacation.  We're going to the beach.

I'll let you guess which one.

Apparently there will be very little internet access, so this is probably it for a couple of weeks.  Don't delete me — I'll be back!

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14 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Oh no! I just came over to Vox to see if you'd left any of your thoughts on the Eagles signing Michael Vick. Will Penny let you remain a fan?!No but really, you guys have a wonderful time! Hope we can look forward to some fun family bloggin' when you return. :) Safe trip!

  2. Wait, you throw a tantrum about BSG and you're leaving for WEEKS? Blergh!
    (Possibly you could make it to Baltimore and watch an episode with me?)

  3. Fly to Hyannis! Fly to Hyannis!
    (Sorry). You're so close to us! But still far enough that it would be too hard, that's okay hopefully I'll have a map of the reverse trip by Fall.

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