Sometimes I Get Help During Piano Practice

Someone's become very interested in my playing…

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11 thoughts on “Sometimes I Get Help During Piano Practice

  1. It's strange with animals and the piano. I had a cat that loved it, and would not only lay out on it while I was playing, but play herself at odd times by picking her way up and down the keyboard. Dad would always applaud. Much more recently, though, my dog Molly couldn't abide the piano, and I think it must have made some high frequency noise she didn't like. It wasn't as bad as the violin, but she didn't like it much. From the look on your dog's face, I think she feels she should be helping, somehow – I often get this from dogs when I'm obviously really involved in something. They stand around looking guilty because they're supposed to be doing whatever alpha dog is doing, but, don't really know how.

  2. Mark — I think you're dead on with that she wants to be doing (or helping or part-of or whatever) with what I'm doing. I don't think she quite gets the whole tapping piano makes music, but she can tell that I'm doing something and concentrating at it — and I'm doing it for more than 10 minutes. She really is a sweetheart.

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