Labor Day Excursion

Yesterday, we took a Labor Day Weekend Excursion to another one of San Diego’s dog-favorites – Coronado’s Dog Beach.  We went down with good friends we hadn’t seen in too long and their two mini-dachshunds, Indiana Jones and Bella Xocolate – who is the newest addition to their household, about 10 weeks old.

The weather was grand, with a nice cool breeze coming in off the ocean.  The doxie’s were pretty happy to stay close, while Penny found it a great place to run…

…and run…

… finally we corralled her enough to come home.

We all a nice dinner on the Aerie’s patio (even Bella who was tuckered out) and relax with a glass of wine….

or two…

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13 thoughts on “Labor Day Excursion

  1. What cutie pies! My dog is a cousin of the dashund, she is a miniature pinsher which is actually an older breed than the doberman pinscher. Minpins come in red, black and tan, and chocolate and minpins have the same face and snout as dashunds just different ears and a more pinscher body type.

  2. OMG!! Those are the cutest puppies ever. My grandparents had a dachsund named Fritzi. Grandpa taught him to sneeze on command for a treat of fudge or chewing gum.

  3. great photos (As always) what Camera are you using? My Mom is giving me a D 70 body…I hope a lens as well, but one never knows…and I guess I'm going to have to learn to use it!

  4. Hey Katie — I use a Canon PowerShot A1000is. I had an A630 and really liked it — until I dropped it on the ground… :( This one takes good pictures too — though it's almost too small for my hand. Pretty easy for on-the-go stuff.

  5. Ellie — on demand sneezing?? That's one I never heard of!! We try to keep the human food to an absolute minimum for Penny. The occasional carrot-top from the counter, but that's really it.

  6. Patty — as we drove through Coronado, we kept thinking — we could live here, we could live here — and then all it takes is one perusal through to remind you why we don't. I love that place.

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