Friday Afternoon Fight

Just spent 90 minutes out in our backyard with my neighbors and two excellent county animal control people — corralling and causing the ultimate demise of two rattlesnakes that were in the hedges between our two yards.

We think there's one that got away.  And more unfortunately, yesterday one had bitten their dog — a small dog — that's still under observation after receiving three anti-venom shots.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Fight

  1. Shame. But in a case like this you have absolutely no choice. Bumblebees can't be in the car, rattlesnakes can't be in the backyard, wildcats can't be on top of the garage.

  2. Hey everyone — thanks for your concerns — just wanted to let you know that our neighbor-dog that was bit came home Sunday morning and is doing a lot better — though a little scared to go in the backyard.

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